About Me

I believe in creating dynamic, intuitive, and accessible websites.  I have a Master's Degree in Information Technology with a focus in web design and development.   

I have designed and built several websites with a focus on accessibility and functionality.  I am familiar with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and several frameworks such as Foundation.  I also have some experience working with PHP and MySQL to create websites and to modify and upgrade existing systems. 

I enjoy design and have created many pieces of design work for the community organisation I volunteer with - including the annual calendar and updating the newsletter template - and for personal projects. 

A key feature of any industry is the ability to communicate well, be it with coworkers or clients.  I believe in listening to what people say and seeking clarification as needed to ensure that everyone it working together towards a common goal.  During team projects at university I was often elected the primary point of contact for client interaction because of my ability to communicate effectively.  Additionally in a recent volunteer role I received praise from customers for my patients and helpfulness when assisting them with various tasks.



Masters of Information Technology, University of Queensland

Bachelor of ArtsUniversity of Queensland